Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

" Have we heard the chimes at midnight?"
- Chris Barnes, BLM

I have had a whopper concussion for 3 1/2 weeks, just getting back to typing and focusing, feeling more normal, so forgive me for dropping the ball on some important issues - couldnt get my brain to work properly. I am sure I am missing some important issues here. Thankfully, I managed to peck away at a legislator contact table I had already started, to make it easier for public involvement during the legislative session.

Montana Legislator Contact
- Montana Politics > There is a search link if you dont know who your legislators are; Montana US Legislators; State Senate and House Representatives by District with available contact information and linked email addresses that will open your email program - a quick and easy way to reach out to legislators to support or oppose the up coming bills. I also included the State House Senate Fish & Game Committee and House of Representatives Fish, Wildlife & Parks Committee email links - so all you have to do is click on that email link - it will then open up your email window with all of the committee members address populated, so you dont have to add them individually. The Bill Watch page will be populated shortly. If you have read through a particular bill involving Montana's wildlife or habitat, public lands or access,† and want to submit info of concern, please email me at kathryn@emwh.org . Together we can network the issues and have a greater impact for our Public Trust.

Coming Soon - EMWH's Conservation Digital Citizenship† I have been running a project around in my head since late summer, brainstorming with my brain trust conservation friends. I just purchased the software that I would need and will have the first segments up soon. Check back shortly!

"Have we heard the Chimes at Midnight?"
BLM Chris Barnes
"Are we embarrassed by Wilderness?" The broken three legged stool of agencies, NGOs and the public.
This is an honest, awesome explanation about Wilderness. Barnes question of will we be celebrating Wilderness in another 50 years, or even in 10, is pertinent to the political issues our Public Lands face today.

Montana conservation writer David Stalling put together a beautiful montage - Seasons Under The Big Sky.

Public Lands
Bullwhacker Bypass Road BLM Proposal
Please take a few moments of your time to submit a public comment for Alt. 3 - East Bullwhacker Access Road.

Public lands transfer boondoggle continues finds support in upcoming session
by Randy Newberg
"In Montana, after the elk is tagged and converted to little wrapped packages, we say, ďMeatís in the freezer.Ē An homage to our history; an important part of our culture -- we give thanks to God for his bounty. For the vast majority of Montana hunters, that winter meat comes from our public lands.

Yet, the legacy these lands provide is under attack. Seems strange, given the reliance Montanans have on these public lands and the opportunities provided."

Sportsmenís Groups: Donít Let Congress Sell Public Lands by Bob Marshall
"The idea to sell or give away these lands, which has long been on the fringe of political possibilities, is now a major concern among sportsmenís groups due to the results of the mid-term elections. Republicans in the House who have been pushing this idea for several years (proposed Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act) will now have a majority in the Senate to move this disaster to the presidentís desk."

Daines seeks feedback on forest reform by Karl Puckett

"Daines co-sponsored the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, which passed the House in September but failed in the Senate.

Now that Republicans are in control in the Senate as well, forest reform continues to be a priority for Republicans, Lockman said. She said Daines would be involved in drafting legislation."
Please see the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act Page.

Man banned from federal lands for building illegal hunting camp
"A Jefferson County resident was fined and banned from all federal lands for two years after being convicted of illegally building trails and structures in the Helena National Forest.

Robert C. Myers, 64, was found guilty in a Great Falls federal court on Dec. 4 after a multi-year investigation led to charges over a semi-permanent hunting camp. He was convicted of constructing and maintaining a trail, constructing an enclosure, constructing structures and camping for longer than the state limit of 14 days, said Tony Fedele, Forest Service law enforcement officer.

'(Banishment) is significant and not something that occurs very often, which speaks to the egregious nature of what he was doing,' Fedele said."

Public Wildlife
Bighorn Sheep die off in Gardiner, MT.
Bill Hoppe irresponsibly placed a small herd of domestic sheep in Gardiner Montana in April 2013. Domestic sheep and goats are natural carriers of pneumonia which will infect and kill the majority of wild Bighorn Sheep or Mountain Goats. He was notified by various agencies, organizations and individuals the lethal threat to the wild Bighorn Sheep population this posed. He didnt care. His sheep were documented commingling with the wild Bighorn Sheep of the area. Coughing Bighorns were spotted in the fall of 2013. Recently there was a die off of at least 12 Bighorns in Gardiner, necropsies confirmed it was pneumonia.

I have been following and documenting this situation since April 2013. Due to my concussion when this occurred (around 18th of Dec.), I have not been able to get the timeline and information created on the page. Hopefully, I will get to that in the next week so that you can see the threat Bill Hoppes domestic sheep pose to our Public Trust wildlife and the propaganda being put out by Fish, Wildlife & Parks to whitewash the issue.

First non-lethal predator damage management workshop to be held in Dillon
On Oct. 29th, 2013 EMWH set up a unique presentation in Bozeman, believing that prevention is far more effective and economic than dealing with the aftermath - Tools For Coexistence Between Livestock & Large Carnivores: Guard Dogs & Rangeland Stewardship Presentation. I am glad to see this effort take off in Montana.

"Livestock producers and landowners are invited to attend a one-day non-lethal predator damage management workshop in Dillon, Mont...
'This is going to be a great day full of important information,' said Steuber. It is a chance for producers to come and ask the hard questions and get the honest answer. The workshop is free."

One-day workshop on Jan. 7, 2015. For more information contact Steuber at 406-657-6464.

For non-lethal night predator deterrant LED Foxlights
US Contact for ordering - Fauna Tomlinson, CA -
A solar unit due out this spring.

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