Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

"Viable elk, deer, and antelope populations based on habitat acreage"
Montana Code Annotated 87-1-323

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Public comments are due to the FWP Commission, on this political elk shoulder season proposal, by 5 PM August 10th. Please take a few minutes of your time to object to this proposal.

I apologize for the lateness of getting this elk shoulder season documentation web page done to send to y'all on this subject, but with the interconnected FWP Game Damage Amendment Proposal research and the Durfee Hills/Bullwhacker documentation trip (the Wilks were changing fences and such), I have been pressed for time.

Here is the FWP Elk Shoulder Season rebuttal documentation page - with a breakdown of why FWP has not supplied the FWP Commissioners or the Public with enough biological, statistical & implemented legal procedural data to justify an elk shoulder season, which I believe is another step, like the SB245 attempt, towards privatizing our public trust wildlife.

Heads up... I have another section on the bottom that is still being constructed ( I still havent eaten breakfast yet or even brushed my hair), but there is enough to get y'all started.

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The Map, the Map!   I told the FWP Commissioners at the June meeting that I would be putting together an ArcGIS map of public/private land ownership, elk population distribution, Hunt Districts and Private Lands leased to outfitters data sets. This way they and the public can see what I normally do in my head - visually overlaying a bunch of printed out maps to see what is really going on. These are all official agency shp files, which include NPS, Tribal, BLM, USFWS, DNRC and MT FWP lands, wildlife data from their site. I just received the DNRC shp files,  received the FWP outfitter leased private lands shp files on July 31st., that I had requested weeks before, and I have to type in the Hunt District numbers. The map will be uploaded to the top of the page this evening, even if I have to put out a draft version up without the numbers (tiny screenshot above). I am new to this program, havent had time to go through the tutorials yet, thankfully it is similar to my web design and graphics interfaces, so there are some things I am learning while making this map for y'all.

Hopefully, this will help to open a realistic, mature conversation that is evidence based, not politically and special interest driven, about our elk management in Montana.

And please dont forget to add the FWP Game Damage Amendment Proposal hearing (Aug. 11th & 12th) to your calendars to object to that other piece of special interest BS that interconnects with this elk shoulder season attempt.

Off for a desperately needed meal and organic dark chocolate. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, I am always available and the number is below.

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