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"...they didn’t sufficiently analyze the consequences."
Travis Brunner

Correction: My bad, the date of the EMWH Public Trust dinner is Sat., Sept. 27th in Bozeman.

Thank you to all of you who contacted IBMP members concerning the Nov. meeting being held in Idaho. The meeting has now been changed back to Montana (Gardiner or Yellowstone Basin according to IBMP), Nov. 20th. As soon as the location is confirmed, I will let y'all know.

Public Wildlife
Montana's "Brucellosis Breeding" Wyoming Feedground in Gardiner
"We have a Wyoming elk feedground situation right here in Gardiner, Montana that is a major brucellosis threat. Hundreds of bison "gut piles" from "hunts" concentrated in in a bottle neck wildlife corridor, within a small acreage of Gardiner, Montana is spreading brucellosis, threatening our state, the livestock industry, and the health and social acceptability of our elk, bison and other ungulate populations." Why is the DOL turning a blind eye to this situation?

Do they think we cant read? FWP 2014 Elk Brucellosis Work Plan
This is the newest rendition of the 2014 Work Plan with the addition of the Paradise Valley Watershed group modifications, including large scale elk proof fencing that FWP is submitting to the Commissioners on Aug 7th. If passed, which it will more than likely, based on the fact that they have been passing all this bs all along, it will be open for public comment and sent to the commissioners again for the final in Oct.

This is the same anti-science, no public hunter access required and legally required environmental review lacking work plan as before, EXCEPT they are broadly expanding it.
"If adopted, this annual plan would be available for potential implementation within the Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) as defined by the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) and in immediately adjacent areas if there is confirmed elk movement from inside to outside the DSA representing increased transmission risk to cattle. While the formal risk period has been identified by DOL as January 15-June 15, these actions may be applied with cause outside that window."

Additionally, the FWP elk brucellosis capture and test program (APHIS and DOL directed, majority paid for) is due to sunset here in 2015. They are trying to add that program to this elk brucellosis work plan to continue it beyond 2015. "Agency Collaboration - Work with DoL and USDA APHIS to assess and potentially coordinate the need, opportunity and capacity for continued targeted elk surveillance captures beyond 2015." Please see link at the bottom for the Skyline/Anaconda Sportsmen lawsuit to protect our elk from special interests and require the environmental review by law, amongst other things.

Please request the National Academy of Sciences conduct a review of wildlife brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area - scientific wildlife management for our elk and bison

Critics: State CWD study only elevates elk worries by Todd Wilkinson
"In what the paper’s authors call a supposed 'worst-case scenario,' elk herds in western Wyoming that become infected with CWD are likely to suffer massive population declines over time. In order to prevent elk numbers from crashing, hunting would have to be stopped or dramatically curtailed."

Is Wyo. sacrificing elk to save feedgrounds? by Todd Wilkinson
"Rather than expressing alarm about an actual 95 percent mortality rate at Sybille, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department presented extrapolated outcomes in the most optimistic way possible — even though wild elk herds on feedgrounds would likely suffer massive declines were CWD to become established, and even though hunting would have to be curtailed."

Elk feedgrounds face new suit to close them by Mike Koshmrl
"The Western Watersheds Project, which filed the court challenge Monday, claims that Bridger-Teton National Forest officials violated their own forest plan, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Wyoming Wilderness Act.

'We’re challenging the issuance of that permit because they didn’t sufficiently analyze the consequences,' Travis Bruner, the Watersheds Project’s executive director, said Monday."

Public Input Sought On Bison Quarantine Proposal
The National Park Service is seeking public comment regarding a plan to consider a quarantine program for Yellowstone bison at one or more new quarantine facilities, which could be located within Yellowstone National Park, on tribal lands, or elsewhere.
The public is encouraged to attend one of the following public meetings to learn more about the proposed planning effort: (note - we need to watch this carefully, quarantining our public trust bison so they can be sent to the Tribes, is not restoring wild bison to Montana public lands, nor is slaughtering any bison that has antibodies, removing the immunity from the bison population. Privatization of our wildlife needs to stop.)

- Monday, August 18 in Gardiner, Mont.: Yellowstone Association Headquarters, 308 Park Street
- Tuesday, August 19 in Bozeman, Mont.: Homewood Suites, 1023 E. Baxter Lane
Both presentation-style meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are scheduled to conclude by 8:00 p.m.

Tribes bring bison plan to legislative panel
"Although tribes of the Blackfoot Confederacy have historically relied on bison for food, shelter and clothing, free-ranging bison have not been part of the sweeping landscape just east of the Northern Rockies in Montana and Canada for more than a century.

Now tribal leaders say they want to bring the animal back.

Blackfoot Confederacy leaders representing the tribe in northwestern Montana and several tribes in Canada told a legislative panel this week that they want to work with them and other partners to make it happen."

Sheep industry anything but sheepish on Capitol Hill
"'They wield a greater influence than an objective view of the economic importance of their sector would merit,' said Andrew Wetzler, director of lands and wildlife for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which often butts heads with ASI on lands and wildlife issues."

Public Lands
Rich Man’s Paradise Club
"You couldn’t afford this place in 10 lifetimes even if there were a reasonable price tag attached to it. No reasonable man could ever quantify a monetary value on these lands; it’s beyond our capacity to do so. This is our national rite, our shared treasure of wilderness and enjoyment that belongs to everybody equally."

GOP wrong to want state control over fed lands by John Borgreen
"How is it that for years the Montana Republican Party platform has call for 'no net gain' in state land ownership but now they want to add 31 million acres? Which 31 million acres of state land are they going to sell off so as not to increase state land ownership?"

Billionaire's ranch with ties to Lewis and Clark for sale in Montana
"More than 60 species of wildlife, including mule deer, elk, antelope, upland birds and a large population of big horn sheep, reside within the rugged country. Sturgeon, walleye and American pad are among the sport fish in this reach of the Missouri River." It's only $18 million.

I would like to thank the following contributors for supporting EMWH. Your gift is very much appreciated.
Thanks to those that made it possible to attend the Bison Discussion Group in Billings, the Board of Livestock meeting in Helena and the Interagency Bison Managemnt Plan meeting in Polson - gas, transportation, hotels, meals and dog watching. Bonnie Lynn, Nancy Schultz, Carolyn Wilmont and an anonymous Montana hunter.

Skyline/Anaconda Elk Litigation Fund
PO Box 173, Butte, MT 59701
Skyline Sportsmen and Anaconda Sportsmens Associations lawsuit against FWP & the FWP Commission

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