Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

Calling on Readers

Normally in my updates/newsletters I offer numerous links, data, resources and such. This newsletter I am going to ask more for your assistance on a few matters because together we can make a tremendous difference in the Public Trust arena.

1. This last week, Wednesday, Sen. Mike Phillips took the time to submit to the Legislative Audit Committee a Request for Comprehensive Performance Audit of Efforts to Prevent Transmission of Brucellosis from Wildlife to Cattle, 2000 thru Present.

Rep. JP Pomnichowski presented it before the Committee, on Friday, and asked that it be given the highest priority. I am asking that you take a few minutes to email the following Legislative Audit Committee members, likewise asking them to add it to the list and give it the highest priority, for the benefit of the Montana taxpayer and transparency, the Public Trust wildlife and the Montana cattle ranchers that need real protection from brucellosis, not this special interest political propaganda "protection". This will make a huge difference for our elk, bison and the APHIS peripheral predators.

Rep. Randy Brodehl (Ch.)  Randybrodehl57@gmail.com
Sen. Greg Jergeson (Vice Ch.)  jergeson4senator@yahoo.com
Sen. Dee Brown  Brownforsd2@gmail.com
Sen. Taylor Brown  taylor@northernbroadcasting.com
Sen. Sue Malek  suemalek@gmail.com
Sen. Frederick (Eric) Moore  mail@senatorericmoore.com
Sen. Mitch Tropila  tropila@mt.net
Rep. Virginia Court  vjchd52@yahoo.com
Rep. Mike Cuffe  mike@mcuffe.com
Rep. Mary McNally  mcnallyhd49@gmail.com
Rep. Ryan Osmundson  ryanosmundson@gmail.com
Rep. JP Pomnichowski  pomnicho@montanadsl.net

2. An article came out last week, concerning Utah Rep. Ken Ivory (American Lands Council) and the Federal Land Grab by special Interest politics. It mentioned a Wyoming resident
discovered his county commission paid $5,000 of tax money to join up.

I am asking readers to please contact your Montana County Commissions and see if they have paid American Lands Council to join, how much, and the date. You might check for documentation, such as commission minutes, etc. Then please forward their emails, documents, etc. to kathryn@emwh.org  and I can put it all in a table online. We need to watchdog our counties to protect our Public Trust Federal Lands from theft by special interest politics and legislators.

Coming soon, a Federal Land Ownership project to help combat the Federal Land Grab Carpetbaggers machinery.

3. EMWH provides and houses numerous resources to further the Public Trust process, such as academic papers, charts, maps, applicable news, resource links, inspirational materials. Additionally, we create editorial cartoons; travel to and record important public meetings; watchdog agencies and government; network: work with individuals, legislators, agencies, journalists and organizations concerning our wildlife and habitat; publish a Newsletter and Blog; social media and put on multi stakeholder presentations. All this requires finances.

As someone so succinctly stated, "It's not easy to ask. Asking makes you vulnerable." Even so, I am asking the Public to Contribute to these Putting the "Public" Back in "Public Trust" efforts.

With that said, I would like to publicly thank recent contributors Dale & Sue Spartas of Spartas Photo, Nancy Schultz, and Bonnie Lynn of Yellowstone Park Riverfront Cabins.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

4. It was mentioned that y'all might not realize that I would love your news articles, resource links, alerts, etc. I truly would. We could better network, especially with issues heating up legislatively, with more contributors. EMWH is NOT a non-profit. One of the main reasons is that I did not want to be hindered concerning politics and elections, basically gagged from networking who is fighting for our Public Trust Lands & Wildlife and who is not. EMWH is not partisan, we are issue driven and bluntly honest. So please use the email link below or to the right and dont be shy.

I do leave you with Todd Wilkinson's new article,
States still spreading brucellosis foolishness
"No public official at the Lander meeting was willing to set the record straight. In the West the truth is sometimes too much to reconcile. Apparently it’s easier for certain civil servants to just reinforce an old fabricated mythology than to state reality."

And the coordinating paper I search for over 6 months before finally snagging it last fall 2013. This paper and the Powerpoint (kind of like the Cliff Note version) presentation are important. It shows the unbelievable financial waste of trying to brucellosis test and slaughter wild elk populations, wild elk vaccinate or supplemental feed the wild elk, versus simply dealing with a possible elk brucellosis transmission to cattle infection should one occur. Taxpayers dont need to be funding APHIS' unachievable, socially unacceptable and fiscally irresponsible pipe dream of brucellosis eradication in wildlife.

Cost Benefit Analysis of a Reduction in Elk Brucellosis Seroprevalence in the Southern Greater Yellowstone Area

Cost Benefit Analysis Power Point Presentation

Thank you,
Kathryn QannaYahu


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