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Cherry Picking Science and Jackson Hole Prophets

When the Science Doesn’t Validate Your Position, Cherry Pick Your Own
Refuting the recent media promoted feasibility quarantine study
"This isn’t ethical, responsible science (remember the 0.0% – 0.3%?); it is cherry picking science to, “reinforce the testing protocol framework in the USDA APHIS brucellosis eradication uniform methods and rules.” This is a blatant effort to impose USDA APHIS’ eradication of brucellosis in wildlife agenda; deceiving the public that they need such draconian methods if they are ever going to have a free-ranging wild bison population in Montana. Except, by the time USDA APHIS and Mt DOL gets through with them, they won’t be wild bison anymore, they will be USDA APHIS approved cattle!
I don’t want to know where the beef is.

I want to know where the wild bison and real science in our wildlife management is!"

RMEF's Comment to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Regarding Elk Management in Brucellosis Areas

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation posted their public comments to the FWP Commission with excellent points. Thank you RMEF for standing up for the science and wildlife management of the public trust elk.

  • RMEF calls for research that could lead to livestock vaccines with increased effectiveness
  • RMEF does not believe it is possible to eradicate brucellosis in wildlife
  • RMEF does not believe it is feasible or practical to vaccinate free-ranging wildlife
  • RMEF does not support hunting cow elk during the third trimester, which begins on or about February 15
  • RMEF supports the efforts of state and federal agencies to enhance elk habitat on public lands, including wildlife management areas, to provide better forage for elk off of private lands
  • RMEF does not support the testing and slaughter of elk as a means of managing Brucellosis
  • RMEF supports cooperative approaches to keeping elk and livestock separate; however, we have concerns about the use of game proof fencing that could cut off natural migration corridors.

If you have not submitted comments to the FWP Commission yet, the deadline is March 21st. fwpcomm@mt.gov

Park County Elk Brucellosis "Working Group"

Jackson Hole ranchers, sportsmen and conservationists letter on elk and bison brucellosis
"First, we feel that if the rule changes set forth in the Federal Register become standard operating procedure, Wyoming's Brucellosis Free Status will be in immediate jeopardy, if these proposals are enacted, control of the world's largest population of free roaming bison will be essentially turned over to APHIS, a Federal agency who's operational expertise does not include wildlife management. Third, if these proposals are adopted, it will lead to the unnecessary killing of hundred, if not thousands of wild bison (and eventually elk)." They saw that coming.

Petition to get the politics out of elk and bison brucellosis management - National Academy of Science to conduct a review of Wildlife Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area

If you haven't signed the petition calling for the scientific review for our elk and bison, please do.

Chronic-wasting study bodes ill for elk herds - Part 7 in a series on wildlife diseases in the Greater Yellowstone by Todd Wilkinson
"Critics say these studies are damning illustrations of how Wyoming’s disease management positions are radically out of step with widely held scientific facts. They say it underscores concerns that the CWD danger posed to huge numbers of dispersing elk in Greater Yellowstone is far more problematic than state officials, justifying artificial feeding, are willing to admit...While Rocky Mountain National Park has densities reaching 115 elk per square kilometer, the densities of elk on the refuge and Wyoming feedgrounds are orders of magnitude greater, literally thousands of elk per square kilometer, Dorsey says. 'This very sobering research in Rocky Mountain National Park should serve as a warning to federal and state wildlife agencies in western Wyoming to do what they can now to avoid such an awful scenario,' he said. CWD is now only miles away from the elk refuge and feedgrounds, he added. "

Dr, Bruce L. Smith, retired wildlife biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Services and author of Where Elk Roam, has a website and blog. You can subscribe to his blog by clicking on the Blog tab and filling out the Subscription section in the bottom right corner.

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