Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

If bison aren't wildlife, what will elk be?

Last week, the day after Environmental Quality Council members brought Federal Land carpetbagging to the table, the EQC met on the 15th for Bison Management Update.

Brett French wrote an article on the meeting, Livestock board to take up bison issue. "Christian Mackay, executive director of the Montana Department of Livestock, told the Environmental Quality Council on Thursday that the DOL plans to hold Yellowstone officials’ 'feet to the fire' and only allow the expansion of the tolerance zone if the bison population is kept at a lower level, 3,300 animals or less. The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks is in agreement with the DOL. FWP director Jeff Hagener told the EQC that FWP’s intent is to require the park to meet the objective."

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Montana Puppet Theater

So when did our Fish, WILDLIFE and Parks become anti-wildlife, seeking the killing of wild bison in the Yellowstone National Park? Could it be the bloody Brucellosis Management Plan that APHIS forces the GYA states to sign on to, like a Mafia shake down, before they will allow the Brucellosis Class Free Status? Governor Bullock signs on to this BMP, then directs FWP Director Hagener. Both Governor Steve Bullock and FWP are puppets of the APHIS & DOL brucellosis eradication in wildlife agenda.

Wildlife hunting is supposed to be under the jurisdiction of FWP, but not bison - BECAUSE of BRUCELLOSIS. "permitted only when authorized by the department of livestock (and the MT St. Vet.) under the provisions set forth in 81-2-120." "fair chase hunting of wild buffalo or bison, including requirements that hunting be conducted on foot and away from public roads and that there be no designation of specific wild buffalo or bison to be hunted; (e) means of taking and handling of carcasses in the field, which must include provisions for public safety because of the potential for the spread of infectious disease;" "87-2-730. (Effective March 1, 2014) . Special wild buffalo license -- regulation. (1) The public hunting of wild buffalo or bison that have been designated as a species in need of disease control under 81-2-120 is permitted only when authorized by the department of livestock under the provisions set forth in 81-2-120."

And if bison are not being viewed/treated as wildlife because of the stigma of brucellosis and the control that APHIS and DOL have, what does that hold for our elk, which they are trying to get control of, all under the same guise of brucellosis? Where is the independent documentation that proves elk are responsible for all cattle infections in Montana?

Hell, even Europe is rewildling bison to their landscapes and we cant get wild bison into Montana? APHIS & DOL would rather try to force YNP to slaughter bison to 3300 than allow any to come into Montana.European bison released into wild Carpathian range
WWF and Rewilding Europe begin the largest reintroduction of bison in Europe

On the Carpetbagger Federal Land Grab front

National land grab alarming to anglers, hunters, sportsmen and women by Land Tawney, executive director of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Why would Montana want to emulate chaos in Utah, Nevada? by George Ochenski

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