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Out of the Mouths of BOL & APHIS


Out of the mouths of MT Board of Livestock & APHIS... the APHIS Brucellosis Eradication Agenda, to eradicate brucellosis in wildlife, is alive and well and in Montana!
The March 18, 2014 Board of Livestock Meeting in Helena with Audio File and Minutes
Discussed was the Bison EA Expanded Habitat, which the BOL had previously voted No Action on in January. But, seeing an opportunity to force the Yellowstone National Park to lethally reduce their bison population numbers to 3000, in exchange for expanded habitat for the lucky few that might survive, the DOL and FWP worked up a lethal population deal, that was presented to the BOL on March 18th, which NWF and other conservation/hunters were privy to late Feb. and early March.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of this meeting was when BOL John Scully grilled APHIS Veterinary Services, Dr. Tom Linfield about numerous documents which I researched this last spring and summer, compiled on the APHIS Brucellosis Eradication Agenda Page. Scully asked if they were still current and active, which Dr. Linfield replies that they are. These documents - Code of Federal Regulations, Interim Rule, APHIS Strategic Plan 2010-2015 and their Concept Paper 2009, all state the goals of APHIS to eradicate brucellosis, not just from livestock in the US, but also from all wildlife reservoirs, especially their target of the GYA. This is what is driving the MT DOL actions against the bison and now the elk, in MT. This APHIS strategy, through the Brucellosis Class Free Status, forced the State to agree to a Brucellosis Management Plan. This is how they got control of our Fish, Wildlife & Parks concerning elk, bison and the peripheral predator issues, forcing the "unholy marriage" of FWP and DOL. APHIS is the driver of this eradication bus in the 3 GYA states.

Satirical Magpie - APHIS Shotgun Wedding
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Also discussed was the Elk Brucellosis Working Group in Paradise Valley modifications and the Elk Surveillance study. More elk have tested positive for antibodies, so the DOL will be expanding the Designated Surveillance Area and with it APHIS/DOL control.
Outlawing feral swine in Montana was also proposed.

We need to educate the public and governmental representatives on the realities of brucellosis in wildlife and the real minimal risk it poses to livestock. We also deserve our wildlife agency managed by scientific wildlife management, not special interest driven politics. Wild bison hunting should be removed from the DOL jurisdiction, restored to our wildlife agency - free from the APHIS/DOL grip. In addition, we need the political turf wars of conservation groups to take a good hard look at what they are doing. This battle should be about our wildlife and their habitat; not exploiting the wildlife plight for political connections, elite back room deals, job security, resume building or as fund raising cash cows.

These are Public Trust issues, very much needing an interjection of the "Public" back into them.

On another note, former FWP Commissioner, hunter conservationist with a "passion for wild things and wild places", Ron Moody, of Lewistown, MT has thrown his hat in the political ring. Ron has recently been involved in the Public Lands Petition to the BLM at Change.org. He is running for House of Representative District 29.


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