Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

"This state is not for sale."
Rep. Bill McChesney

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EQC Meeting Report - Federal Public Lands
Update: Legislative panel advances fed-land management report
"A legislative panel Thursday voted to advance a report on how to encourage more state involvement in management of federal lands in Montana — but not before changing it to say transferring those lands to the state should be considered a 'last resort.'...However, the panel voted against recommending a bill to create a similar, permanent subcommittee within the council...The report now goes out for public comment. The EQC will take a final vote in September on the report, whose recommendations would be forwarded to the 2015 Legislature." (As soon as the report is available next week, I will send out the link. There will be a 30 day public comment period.)

Montana legislators decry 'hidden agenda' of federal land study
“This state is not for sale,” said Rep. Bill McChesney, D-Miles City. “This state cannot afford to assume ownership of federal lands. ... I think there are hidden agendas here. I’m just going to say it.” "Fielder said after the meeting the idea behind the report is to scrutinize how federal lands are being managed and identify what could be done differently to improve it. 'Transferring management of the land to the state is just one option, she said, but one everyone seems to want to talk about it.' " Sen. Fielders Agenda

State committee balks at supporting federal lands report
"Finally, Fielder outlined nine proposed legislative actions, including the creation of a Federal Lands Committee, the reallocation of hunting-license fees to pay for reducing wildfire fuels and increasing big-game habitat, and the enforcement of building codes or fire-proofing in wildland-urban interface areas."

"Rep. Bill McChesney, D-Miles City, said he had concerns about the study after reading the federal land survey that went out to the counties.
'I still feel that we built the survey to solicit the kind of outcomes we wanted,' McChesney said. 'The fact that I spent a half a day listening to a guy from Utah talking about taking control of federal lands, it had cause for me to be suspect. This state is not for sale.' "

"The committee voted to submit edits to legislative staff so the report could be revised. After reviewing the changes on Thursday, they’ll vote to put the report out to 30 days of public comment."

Montanans, unite to keep our public lands public by Gov. Steve Bullock and US Sen. Jon Tester
"While 'allowing states to manage the lands within their borders' may sound like an appealing idea, the real goal is a threat to our outdoor heritage. Inevitable land sales"

Rep. Pat Connell (R) Defending Our Federal Public Lands
"I have argued from local to the halls of Congress for enhanced federal land management - but transfer to the state isn't the way... Easiest way that I can explain it is right now, is that 330 + million taxpayers have the burden of paying for the cost of ownership and management of these lands. Montana has 1 million folks. Do the math, and the liability risks."

Texas getting into the Game
Now Texas has about 1.9% Federal Public Lands, but in the recent situation concerning the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2014, which had a number of important conservation bills, then died by amendments, Sen. Ted Cruz (R) from Texas wanted to add an amendments to this package - Cruz Amendment #3456: Limit Federal Ownership of State Lands : Prevents the federal government from owning more than 50 percent of the land in any state. This clearly has nothing to do with Texas, since Texas only has 1.9% Federal public lands, well under the 50% Cruz seems to be so concerned with. Here is another more detailed map. Take a look at Texas. Do you see much federal public land colors there? No! Obviously this is the Republican right wing agenda to rob the American people of their federal land ownership and kill a legislative package that would have included major components for land, water and wildlife conservation.

Statewide Survey of Montana Voters Presentation- July 17-19 2014
Survey conducted across Montana, across party lines, in all areas, every type of community:

  • 86% Montana voters say that conservation issues are primary factor in gaining their support.
  • 78% view the Wilderness Act to be a good thing and majority support designating more public lands as wilderness.
  • 66% reject the sale of public lands, even to reduce the federal deficit.
  • 86% overwhelmingly say that land conservation is more beneficial to the state economy.
  • 70% believe we should not allow private companies to develop our public lands when their doing so would limit the public's enjoyment of, or access to, these lands.

Public Lands Interpretive Association Map
I have chosen Montana, but you can choose another state to view Public Lands and types of access available for you as a Public Landowner. Now just using the MT map, I noticed that they dont allow for every icon in crowded spaces - overlapping. For example, they dont show the Dome Mountain Wildlife Management Area south of Livingston, but if you click on the left hand tabs and choose "State Parks, Monuments and other lands", the Dome Mountain WMA shows up. You can change the view to satellite by clicking in the upper right box, or you can check the lower right box and see the type of public land underlay. Have fun and explore your Public Lands.

2014-2018 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
"Creating a Vibrant Future for Montana's Outdoor Recreation Heritage"

"Creating a Vibrant Future for Montana’s Outdoor Recreation Heritage is a roadmap for public recreation planning in Montana for 2014-2018. Developed through the collaboration of federal, state and local outdoor recreation providers, land managers, and partners, the plan serves as a catalyst to enhance the quality of life of all Montanans and support vibrant communities through a growing recreation industry.

'As Montanans, parks and outdoor recreation are our way of life,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “Montana is home to magnificent landscapes and abundant opportunities to get outside. I am pleased to present this bold effort to ensure these opportunities continue to exist and expand.' "

The beautiful 2015 Yellowstone Country Wild Bison Calendar
"...joyous celebration of this awesome animal, with breathtaking photos, interesting facts, inspirational quotes and poetry, and beautiful artwork." Available now from Buffalo Field Campaign.

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