Putting the "Public" Back In "Public Trust"

Wilkinson on elk citizen outcry,
Posewitz on returning buffalo to the wild &
Satirical Magpie editorial cartoons

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response of the editorial cartoons, requesting more, I have created The Satirical Magpie, home for the Raucously Ridiculing, Annoyingly Public. Satirical Commentary that defiantly takes on the Public Trust issues, keeping a keen eye out for political bovine blossoms in the GYA states. Click on images to link to full size cartoons or follow the link below.

Introducing the Felonious No Science Monkeys
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Big Sky Cattle Company Country
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Montana Targets Elk, sparks citizen outcry, by Todd Wilkinson Part 10 in a series on wildlife diseases in Greater Yellowstone
"Apart from RMEF, the Skyline Sportsmen Association, Anaconda Sportsmen Club and Enhancing Montana’s Wildlife & Habitat claim Montana’s elk management has violated several state statutes related to environmental compliance and public involvement. They may sue."

Time to return buffalo to wild by Jim Posewitz - Retired Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologist
"Today, we observe the 150th anniversary of both Charlie’s birth, and Montana’s birth as a Territory. We also live with a restored wildlife abundance that is by any measure among the greatest environmental achievements in human history. Everything Charlie painted is back out there in the wild — except one species. Today, nothing prevents us from finishing the saga of wildlife restoration — except the cultural will to just simply do it."

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