Livestock Guardian Dogs

EMWH recognizes that there are many challenges to preserving a healthy, biotic community here in Montana; one of which is predator - human conflicts. By nature, predators do what they are instinctively drawn to do - kill and eat prey. But, for the livestock rancher, who has a vital interest in the welfare of their livestock, predators can be seen as an enemy threat from which property needs to be protected.

Non-lethal predator guard dogs and Rangeland Stewardship offer the livestock rancher an opportunity that is pro-active for predator risk reduction tool, rather than only being able to react to an attack, after the loss occurs. Livestock Guardian Dogs can also be a cost effective method for managing predation.

Nothing is foolproof and not every tool will work for every livestock rancher, and their landscape. EMWH would like to present some of the possibilities available to assist the livestock interests in protecting their valued property, while encouraging at least the tolerance, or the acceptance of wildlife predators on the Montana landscape.

This opportunity can not only bridge the gap between predator and livestock, but will hopefully assist in mitigating the human conflicts between wildlife conservationists and ranchers as well.

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) / Livestock Protection Dogs / Predator Guard Dogs are not the same as shepherding dogs. LGD are medium sized to large breeds that live permanently with ‘their’ stock, protecting them from anything that they see as a threat through confrontation, disruption and territorial exclusion.

EMWH's Tools For Coexistence Between Livestock & Large Carnivores: Guard Dogs & Rangeland Stewardship Presentation


In Montana:

Karelian Bear Dogs

Rocky Mountain Kangal

Peggy Duezabou, Sheep rancher, dog trainer and Akbash dog breeder, Silver City, MT. Baccalaureate Degree in Psychology (University of Montana) and a Master of Science Degree in Animals and Public Policy (Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University), worked with LGDs at both the Sheep Experimental Station near Dubois, ID and the New England Farm Center at Amherst, MA.
Margaret A (Peggy) Duezabou,
MS--Animals & Public Policy
PO Box 473, Canyon Creek, MT 59633
(406) 457-9486

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