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Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat is committed to assisting the Public with the resources necessary to make a difference. We utilize the web space for freely providing a plethora of resources; such as a Scientific / Academic Research Library, Maps & Charts, Online Tools & Databases, Presentations and Audio, Videos, as well as producing a Newsletter, informative materials and public meeting records.

Contributions of any amount (link above). Your contributions will go for continued research, investigative journalism, open source access to academic papers, documentation of current events, legislative watchdogging and alerts, travel to events which are reported on, public presentations, equipment for presentations/events/site development, the EMWH web development (video & audio applications), and educational printed publications, etc.


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There will be at least 2 issues per month, as well as the special issues and alerts, as need arises. Subscriptions are available for 1 year @ $50 (+1.81 Paypal processing fee) or 6 months @ $25 (+1.06 Paypal processing fee).

If these subscription fees put a subscription out of your reach, please call or email me, we can work this out, the networking and empowering is most important.

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John Borgreen
Russel Country Sportsmen’s Assoc.
Montana Sportsmen Alliance

"As a life long Montana hunter, angler and conservation advocate, I have come to rely and depend on the work done by
Kathryn QannaYahu and the valuable information contained in the excellent newsletter she publishes.

I have known and worked with Kathryn for several years now and can attest to her hard work, passion, her dedication to
preserving our valuable outdoor recreation resources, science based habitat and wildlife management, as well as access and
legislative issues.

Due to her incredible research efforts and her ability to present this information in a succinct, complete and direct manner, the EMWH Newsletter is my go to source for information pertinent to the important issue confronting all of us today.

Recently, Kathryn has made the difficult decision to charge a modest fee for access to this source of critical information; I am more that willing to pay, as I see this newsletter as a valuable addition to my hunter, angler, conservationist 'Daypack', just as I view any other item in my everyday daypack, fishing vest or survival kit.

So, I hope all of you will join me in supporting the EMWH Newsletter so Kathryn and this publication can continue to be not only available, but of the same high standards we have come to rely on."

A Subscription to a Gold Mine
Harold D. Johns
President, Skyline Sportsmen’s Association.

The EMWH Newsletter is a great source of information for Montanans. Whether a hunter, fisherman, hiker, landowner, camper, 4 wheeler, mountain biker, river floater, outfitter, or just a Montanan, we have to keep track of what is happening in this great state in terms of conservation of our resources. This newsletter is a record of significant conservation events happening in Montana.

The sheer magnitude of the information that Kathryn QannaYahu has researched and included in the newsletter, pertaining to conservation, is amazing. As organizations that are committed to conservation of Montana’s resources, particularly wildlife, this newsletter is invaluable to Skyline Sportsmens Association and the Anaconda Sportsmen Club, in terms of keeping up with what is happening. We receive information via the Newsletter, or directly from Kathryn, on a
regular basis and we use this information to help guide us. As
volunteer organizations, sportsmen groups would have a difficult time keeping up with events affecting sportsmen.

All Montana organizations and citizens have a stake in conservation issues in Montana and would do well to include this newsletter as a method of obtaining information to shape the future of Montana.


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