Subject: RE: Feb. 15th meeting
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Date: 10/2/2013 1:50 PM
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Hi Kathryn,
I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your request, I've been out of the office quite a bit over the past month due to a family matter and am behind in my correspondence.  

In regards to your questions about the February 15 sit-down with landowners at Mill Creek; I was the only FWP personnel present.  Hayes Goosey was invited to attend as a representative of the Park County Rod & Gun Club and also for his expertise in range management.  There were approximately a dozen others who attended.  There was no sign-in sheet for this meeting, no minutes or notes were taken, and no decisions were made; it was an informal conversation regarding the history and present status of elk distribution and commingling with cattle in the Mill Creek area.  From my best recollection the folks present aside from myself and Hayes Goosey were Jim Melin (landowner), Art Burns (landowner), Ryan Malone (landowner), Jim Frazier (ranch manager, Strawberry Ridge), Gary Libsack (Ranch Manager, Elbow Creek) and Lexi Marsh (landowner).  There were another half dozen folks present whose names/affiliations I do not know.

I hope this information is helpful.


Karen Loveless
Livingston Area Wildlife Biologist
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

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Karen, I am checking up on my information request from August, which was part of my May 3rd FOIA request approved by Dir. Jeff Hagener, attached. Thank you, Kathryn QannaYahu
On 8/30/2013 2:30 PM, Flowers, Pat wrote:
Hi Kathryn,
I talked to Howard about your request.  Neither of us have the information you have requested.  I will rely on Karen to respond when she returns to work next week.
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Subject: Feb. 15th meeting
Karen and Howard, I am requesting information which was part of my foia, approved by Dir. Jeff Hagener. 

Who was invited to attend the Feb. 15th meeting at the Jim Melin Ranch? Who attended and in what capacity (rancher/ranch manager- what ranch, FWP, sportsman - which club/organization, etc.). Were there any notes/minutes of this meeting? If so, please include those in a reply. 

Thank you, Kathryn