Mountain Lions in Montana

Garnet Range Mountain Lion Study (9 years)

Estimating mountain lion abundance in the Bitterroot Watershed, Proffitt et al (98 days)
Contested modeling report which states mountain lion numbers are higher than houndsmen on the ground verify, including houndsmen that participated in the study. A 98 day snapshot in time of the Mountain Lion population, is not a sufficient time frame in which to gather data to utilize for modeling. Especially one that seeks to radically decimate the population so radically as 30% reduction in regional lion density by applying a 35% annual female harvest over a 3 year period. By Proffitts own statements, this was not a complete coverage survey, juveniles could have been counted as individual adults, which would alter counts. Academics across the country are questioning this study.

audio mp3 Estimating mountain lion abundance study presentation discussion from March 13th, 2014
Region 3 Meeting at Three Forks, MT - houndsmen present, including those that participated in the study, objected to the final analysis and recommendations.

audio mp3 April 10, 2014 FWP Commission meeting - Montana Houndsmen and Dr. Gary Koehler, retired from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spoke concerning the controversy of this paper and the concerns of a public working group.

Hunters criticize mountain lion quotas in Bitterroot districts









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