Custer Gallatin National Forest Working Group

This is a new work group, so to be honest, I do not know if this group is going
to be a threat to the Public Trust for certain. But, due to some comments made by
a few commissioners, word choices, legislation attempts to empower county
commissioners with increasing jurisdiction over our Public Trust lands, as well
as creation by county commissioners, appointment of chair position and vice-
chair positions by county commissioners, future members will go through
a nomination and acceptance process, I am keeping an eye on this process.

My hope is that this will be a beneficial process that works towards solutions,
not bypassing the scientific management, excluding the required NEPA processes.

Madison, Gallatin, Park, Sweet Grass, Stillwater, Carbon and Bighorn Counties

Custer Gallatin Working Group Operations Manual Oct. 2014 (living document subject to change) Custer Gallatin Priority Project Schedule

July Mtg (I was not aware of this meeting, so no audio)   July 2014 Mtg. Minutes
August Mtg with audio and notes August 2014 Agenda Aug. Mtg. Minutes
Sept. Mtg with audio and notes Sept. 2014 Agenda Sept. Mtg. Minutes
Oct. Mtg with audio and notes Oct. 2014 Agenda Oct Mtg. Minutes
Nov. Mtg with audio and notes Nov. 2014 Agenda Nov. Mtg. Minutes


















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