BLM Durfee Hills Cadastral Survey


The BLM Cadastral Survey was begun in fall 2014, but was only conducted on sections 23, 24 and 25 and the southern portion of section 14. They began the survey at what I call the tri-corner area where the DNRC, BLM and Wilks land all meet - the corners of sections 25, 30, 31 and DNRC's 36, then proceeded north. They completed survey of sections 23, 24 and 25 and the southern portion of section 14 in the fall of 2014. They went back in the spring 2015 to complete the rest of the survey.

The BLM Cadastral Survey was filed with the Federal Register on August 4, 2015 (document links below). I immediately contacted the Montana Cadastral office in Billings and requested the documents. These maps and field notes are NOT the trespass investigation, they are simply the notes of where boundary markers and such were located, placed or replaced. This is basically 3 maps of locations of the brass markers, monument rock piles (collars) and blazed trees - no documentation of the trespasses since the investigation is ongoing.

However, there are three notes that do mention trespass problems.

There were 2 PDFs of descriptions (survey speak) of the same, except, one PDF does mention, "The locational calls to fences contained herein are given as ground conditions existed at the time of survey. Subsequent discussions have begun, during the construction of this record, indicating the potential for many of the fences to move."

The other PDF mentions an additional type of violation - the unauthorized removal of any government survey monument or marked trees, "An iron post 30 ins. long, 3/4 in. diam., found lying loose nearby." And another, "The remains of the original monument, an iron post, 20 ins. long, 1 in. diam., with brass cap mkd 1/4 S14 S23 1914 was found lying loose nearby in an area disturbed by recent earthmoving work." So the illegally unpermitted caterpillar that was bulldozing hundred of trees, vegetative materials and blading the ground, uprooted survey monuments on our public lands. I wonder how many blazed trees got uprooted or other markers to far removed for the metal detector to pick up? I will get these documents up this week with the documentation from the Durfee Hills helicopter trip, it's been kind of game damage/elk shoulder season documentation busy.

"It is unlawful for the unauthorized alteration or removal of any Government survey monument or marked trees: 'Whoever willfully destroys, defaces, changes, or removes to another place any section corner, quarter - section corner, or meander post, on any Government line of survey, or willfully cuts down any witness tree or any tree blazed to mark the line of a Government survey, or willfully defaces, changes, or removes any monument or bench mark of any Government survey, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both' (108 Stat. 1796, 2146; 18 U.S.C. 1858) "

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Notes T 11 N R 23 E

Notes T 11 N R 22 E