Montana's Public Trust Threats

Montana Access Problem ID Form
with agency contact list on the back

A number of these threats affect more than just Montana

East Crazy Mountain Public Access

Kristen Juras Anti- public access

Kristen Juras, pg. 58 - MT's Stream Access An "Erosion" of riparian landowners rights.

Sen. Jennifer Fielders Doublespeak
SJ15 Workgroup Draft Report to the EQC
SJ15 Draft Report Appendices

Bill Hoppes Domestic Sheep Threat

Montana's National Bison Range

Patrick Tabor

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Troy Bryan Downing's FWP Citations

Deceptively named "Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act"

Custer-Gallatin National Forests Working Group

Fencing Issues

Wilks Brothers Fencing

Wilks Brothers Fencing Durfee Hills Map




















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