Wilks Fencing Durfee Hills Interactive Map
This is a clickable interactive map - click your mouse over text and images. For example, click on the title, "Whats at stake for these public lands" and you will see the issues involved with this fence and its construction. Click on the red dots to open pictures from those areas or the blue video icon for short videos. Additionally, images such as the plane, bulldozer (not linked yet), fence diagram, Wilks land ownership or livestock provide related documentation. When viewing a longer strip popup, hover your mouse over the strip, you will see a + sign, click and it will enlarge to full size with a scroll bar to the right. This page is still under construction, adding more of the photographic and videographic documention to the fence boundaries, so please check back and refresh your page to get the current version. Map created by Kathryn QannaYahu.