Your nationwide public lands roads and trails access are in jeopardy.
Your federally produced maps removing our public roads and trails are at stake.
The culture of fear for our federal employees that manage our public lands and resources,
their removal or hamstringing is increasing.

If our Public Trust stewards are prevented from doing their jobs by privatizing forces,
how will the public's resources, lands and access
be maintained and protected for future generations?

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10/12/2017 District ranger who was removed after Crazy Mountains access dispute to be reinstated by Brett French 10/12/2017 Livingston Forest Service ranger to be reinstated after internal review by Michael Wright
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9/10/2017 Where is the Forest Service I Knew? by John Gibson  8/28/2017 Will grandkids have access to public lands in Crazy Mountains? by Brad Wilson
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7/31/2017 Daines' actions in Sienkiewicz case are despicable 7/31/2017 Daines tramples Montana's outdoor heritage
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7/19/2017 Daines must support public access by Dave Campbell
7/7/2017 Sienkiewicz reassignment raises questions - Livingston Enterprise Editor
7/7/2017 Daines sells out Montana hunters 7/6/2017 Access to our public lands must be protected - The Bozeman Chronicle Editorial Board
2015 Locked Out by Marshall Swearingen
July 28, 2006 Rancher, foresters spar over access by Brett French, Crazy Mountain landowner tries to go through Montana Sen. Conrad Burns to limit public access.




Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat

Have you been in the Crazy Mountains?

If you have been in the Crazy Mountains...

  • perhaps you received a citation when you were on a FS Trail on their map;
  • perhaps you have been on one of these contested trail and you thankfully did not ask landowner permission or sign in and would like to add your account to the prescriptive easement history;
  • perhaps you would just like to share your story and/or some pictures of what these particular public lands and access mean to you?

If so, please contact Kathryn :


Crazy Mountains National Forest Public Access Page


I beg you to show the same level of defense for our public access and Alex Sankiewicz's reinstatement as Yellowstone District Ranger, by raising your concerns to the same officials that the privatizers just did with false allegations. Because when you see the roll out of information to come and the players agendas, you will agree, this isn't just about one man and his job, it is about what he was doing as a steward of our public lands that others greedily desire for their own.

Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Washington, DC 20250 (202) 720-2791

Forest Service Chief, Thomas Tidwell, (202) 205-8439

Region 1, Regional Forester Leanne Marten, (406) 329-3315

Custer Gallatin National Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson, (406) 587-6949

Senator Steve Daines, (202) 224-2651

Even though Sen. Tester was not evident in the letters, please contact him as well.
Sen. Jon Tester, (202) 224-2644

To submit Letter To the Editor (LTE) or Opinion Editorial (Oped), most papers have the same policy: Letters have a word limit or fewer, and MUST include your real name, city of residence and daytime phone number (they call to confirm that you are who you are and you actually sent in the LTE. In the Subject Line begin with LTE or Oped, then your title. Some papers only publish letters from within their primary readership. Opinion Editorials (Oped) from groups/organizations, established writers, have higher word limits and may request a picture.

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