Crazy Mountains March Public Meeting

Will the Historical Crazy Mountain Trail System Survive Another Generation?

More importantly, will Trail #267 survive the next year?

Update: Is the FS recent Scoping Process, intiated for 30 days, beginning March 1st,
as a Categorical Exclusion (CE), instead of an EA or EIS, illegal, since there is a Memorandum of Understanding and Conservation Agreement between various federal and state agencies on Yellowstone Cuts. YCT are a Species of Concern by the State of Montana and a Sensitive Species by the USFS. How can the Forest Service not do an EIS on a trail relocation that will cross 4 creeks with YCT, when their own NEPA manual states,
"Resource conditions that should be considered in determining whether extraordinary circumstances related to a proposed action warrant further analysis and documentation in an EA or an EIS are:
(1) Federally listed threatened or endangered species or designated critical habitat, species proposed for Federal listing or proposed critical habitat, or Forest Service sensitive species;
(2) Flood plains, wetlands, or municipal watersheds;"?

Road - West Side Crazy Mountains National Forest
photo by Kathryn QannaYahu


It has been almost a whole generation of public access obstruction on your 100+ year old historic Crazy Mountains Trail System.

Just as no one expects a private landowner to give up their historic water rights, the public landowners should know our deeded and historic prescriptive access rights without a fight!

  • Would you like your access restored for your and future generations?
  • Do you want your Federal public land managers responsive to our public, multiple use, and public trust resource needs?
  • How can we effectively advocate for our Crazy Mountain public lands & access?

Please join us for a free, open, transparent Public Meeting involving the West Crazy Mountains, including a general Crazy Mountain access overview.

March 13, 2018, 6-8 PM
Please come early, meeting will start promptly at 6 PM.
Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge, Yellowstone Conference Room
1515 W. Park Street, Livingston, MT
406-579-7748, Event Contact: Kathryn

If you are coming from out of town, the Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge (406-222-6110) is offering a special location event rate discount of 20%.

  • Guest Speakers, Presentations, Video Tour, recent landowner Trail #267 relocation scoping process and upcoming southern Crazy Mountains land exchange, Prescriptive Easements.
  • Q & A, open mic
  • Informational resources, maps, history, FS NEPA process, Forest Service contacts, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout info.
  • Informational resources, maps, history, NEPA Process, Forest Service contact information
  • Crazy Mountains User Survey will be available to the public.
  • Media, elected officials and legislators welcome.
  • Coffee, tea & refreshments will be provided.

Event sponsored by Friends of the Crazy Mountains and Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat.

For more information contact:
Brad Wilson, FOCM,
Kathryn QannaYahu, EMWH,



  • Public Meeting will be professionally video recorded
  • Introductions
  • Brad Wilson (FOCM), A Century of Crazy Mountain use, Park County roads & Deputy Sheriff, Habitat Security.
  • Attorney Tim Callahan, Prescriptive Easements, FS Wonder Ranch Case and 1948 FS Big Timber Canyon Road Case.
  • Kathryn QannaYahu (EMWH), Crazy Mountain Historical Information & Forest Service Recorded Positions; Maps & 3D Video Map Tours of Trails #267, #195 & #268, Proposed FS/Zimmerman #267 Obliteration and Relocation Proposal;
  • US Forest Service NEPA Process; Retired US Army Corps of Engineers, John Daggett's Statement; Conservationist Phil Knight Crazy Mountain wildlife survey information; Categorical Exclusions; FS "Sensitive Species" Wolverines and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout; Ungulate Habitat Security; FS Public Comment Talking Points.
  • Where do we go from here? Crazy Mountain Officials Contact Information, MT Park County Fuel Tax Maps, Railroad Grant Public Access and Right-of-Ways Research, Montana Laws - Display of Unauthorized Signs, Crazy Mountain Survey.


Friends of the Crazy Mountains citizen organization


Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat

Have you been in the Crazy Mountains?

If you have been in the Crazy Mountains...

Crazy Mountains Public Access Survey

For event or additional information please contact:

Kathryn QannaYahu, EMWH,

406-579-7748 or

Brad Wilson, FOCM,




















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