Unlocking Montana's Future Public Access


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Thank you for caring & contributing
to resotoring Public & Wildlife Access in Montana
for Future Generations.

We are all
United PUBLIC Property Owners of Montana

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The "Broken Windows Theory" comes from the metaphor used to describe this concept: That if a window is broken and left unrepaired, then people walking by will assume that no one cares, no one is in charge. It sends a signal to others encouraging anti-social behavior, vandalism, greater crime. This theory states that the little things matter.

In Montana this "Broken Window Theory" is evident in the growing illegal takings of our public & wildlife access by private interests.

When one private landowner illegally blocks off wildlife access or a public access road or public lands/waters, placing fences, gates, locks and NO TRESPASSING signs, and gets away with it, it sends a signal to others that "no one cares", you can steal the Public's Access, with no penalties for Trespassing against the Public Trust.

Some programs and groups are working on acquiring new access, which is awesome. But this is access that we already have.

As I see it, the only way to combat this privatizing epidemic is to show you care!

Repair the trespass damage by actively taking back our stolen Public Access!

Send the message that we are watching, we are documenting and we will take action - We have Public Property Rights!

With nearly 2 million acres of public lands inaccessible in Montana (more than any other western state), don't you think it's time to do something more about it, something radical to take back what has been illegally stolen, turn the tide?

It is time to systematically restore our Public Access for Future Generations!

Access Problem ID Form PDF - Print out and take with you! Agency contact numbers on the backside.

Systematically Unlock Montana's Future Public Access

  • Locate obstructed access
  • Research if access is illegal
  • Document access obstruction setting
  • Notify appropriate authority/agency and provide with documentation
  • Publish map and documentation on EMWH Unlocking Montana's Future Public Access page and notify Public in the EMWH Newsletter
  • Follow through with authority/agency for access restoration


Thank you to the generous conribution of a digital video camera (anonymous conservation hunter), a Garmin Montana 650 GPS (Tim Crawford and Dale Spartas) - necessary tools for documentation.

We already have a number of locations that have been provided recently. I have picked up a few of the public/private roads maps from some counties and have begun research, documentation. There have been a handful of volunteers for the onsite documentation trips (hopefully this will help get people invested as well spread the process to a larger group of the Public).





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