Elk Research

Habitat & Management

Trophic consequences of postfire logging in a wolf–ungulate system


Elk responses to trail-based recreation on public forests (Forest Service lead paper 2018)
3 of the 6 authors are Forest Service, including the lead author

A Brief Review of the Scientific Literature on Elk, Roads, & Traffic 2013

Effects of Roads on Animal Abundance: an Empirical Review and Synthesis 2009

Issues of Elk Productivity for Research and Management 2007

Effects of Roads on Elk: Implications for Management in Forested Ecosystems 2005

Unintended consequences of bovine brucellosis management on demand for elk hunting in northwestern Wyoming, 2012

Changes in Elk Resource Selection and Distributions Associated With a Late-Season Elk Hunt 2010

Validation of Elk Resource Selection Models With Spatially Independent Data 2011

Changes in Elk Distribution and Group Sizes after Wolf Restoration 2012

Effects of Hunter Access and Habitat Security on Elk Habitat Selection in Landscapes With a Public and Private Land Matrix 2013

Reproductive Success of Elk Following Disturbance By Humans During Calving Season 2000


Disease and Winter Feeding of Elk and Bison: A Review and Recommendations Pertinent To the Jackson Bison and Elk Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement 2005

Bison and Elk: Brucellosis Seroprevalence on a Shared Winter Range 2002

DNA Genotyping Suggests that Recent Brucellosis Outbreaks in the Greater Yellowstone Area Originated from Elk 2009







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