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As a conservationist, I have experienced the need for a wide variety of materials to present to hunting/angling conservation groups, agencies, legislators, committees, working groups, etc., as well as the general Public.

They say knowledge is power. Data, research and scientific evidence are a key part of that "knowledge", but more importantly, how to communicate it, especially visually, is what I find more powerful.

With attention spans growing shorter due to the influences of computers, internet and social media, it becomes more of a challenge to present data and media in a format that will be looked at long enough to capture a reader/viewers attention, conveying your message.

Add to that, most of the tools to create media: infographics, charts, GIS maps, presentations, videos, or websites involves technical software and training, which the average conservationist does not have time to invest or train in, simply to produce a single end product or a variety of interconnected products. Most conservationists would rather be spending their time outdoors, rather than at a computer.

So this is where EMWH can help you. Marrying our passion for Montana's conservation issues with our love of a variety of technology tools to communicate, we can create the media resource materials, end products you desire, to engage your target audience, to help you tell your story.


Kathryn QannaYahu
1007 N. Warren St.
Helena, Montana 59601


Conservation Media Design services available

Internet & Social Media

  • Web site design
  • Blogs
  • PHP Forums
  • Constant Contact Email/Newsletter Platforms

Media Tools

  • Audio and video editing
  • Interactive maps
  • Inforgraphics
  • Impress Presentations (open source like PowerPoint)
  • Graphic Slide Shows



Publication, Document & Graphic Design Media

  • Book layout
  • Cover design
  • Brochures
  • PDF's
  • Reports
  • Event Posters & Postcards
  • Charts & Maps (including ArcGIS)

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