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East Crazy Mountains Land Exchange Proposal

Inexcusable Shrinking Crazy Mountains


Crazy Mountains Public Access Issue Page
What is at stake for your nationwide prescriptive easement, Statement of Interest public access process,
your federally produced maps removing our public roads/trails and the culture of fear for our federal employees
that manage our public lands and resources. I am looking into the hard numbers but it was estimated that 30%
of our roads/trails are unperfected prescriptive roads/trails.

This is a covert land grab, essentially another way to privatize our public lands.

The Public Trust Doctrine & Montana's Stream Access is a history of the Public Trust Doctrine foundation to Montana's Stream Access. Contrary to what many may believe, Montana's stream access did not begin in the 1980's.

The history provided illustrates not only the older Public Trust Doctrine foundation, but also examines the present attacks, in Montana, by out-of-state dark money interests and local efforts to undermine the Public Trust Doctrine itself, as well as the grassroots hunting/angling conservationists that have long defended the public trust.

To ensure our Montana Stream Access is here to stay, we need to educate and equip ourselves with the Public Trust Doctrine, defending it against private, legislative and judicial attacks; diligently and tirelessly challenge each access violation, in order to preserve our world-class, “Best in the West”, Montana Stream Access, for future generations.

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The Public Trust Doctrine & Montana's Stream Access


Recent Additions to
Issues & Bridges

Notice of intent to sue the Forest Service for failing to protect and defend public access rights in the Crazy Mountains.

Greg Gianforte Assault Case Confidential Criminal Justice Request Files

Montana U.S. Senate Candidate, Troy Bryan Downing's FWP Citations.

East Crazy Mountain Public Access

Gianforte's FWP Recreation Site Easement Grab

Wilks Brothers captive deer breeding game ranching - their idea of "wildlife management".

BLM breaking faith with the Public/Wilks Brothers land exchange draft proposal rebuttal

Wilks Illegal Fencing Situation Page
Wilks Illegal Fencing Interactive Map

Ecosystem services lost to oil and gas in North America - 2015, University of Montana - Habitat Issues

Ecosystem services supplementary materials (for paper above)

Private Lands Where Landowners Authorize Licensed Hunting Outfitters To Operate 2012 Map

UPOM's Landowner Hypocrisy

USFWS Sage Grouse - "Best Available Scientific and Commercial Data" ?

Bill Hoppes Domestic Sheep Threat


Elk Brucellosis Lawsuit
Enhancing Montana's Wildlife & Habitat
Fish, Wildlife & Parks,
F ish and Wildlife Commission

Patrick Tabor

Kristen Juras, pg. 58 - MT's Stream Access An "Erosion" of riparian landowners rights.

Tally of Bullwhacker Public Comments (including some of the 191 pages of "found" electronic comments. 61% majority for a road bypass.

Missing BLM Bullwhacker Access Public Comments from a Federal Record

Outfitter Connection

FWP's Elk Shoulder Season

FWP's Gutting of Game Damage

Scientists' Letter in Support of Bison Restoration

Forest Service Rd. 166B Access restored

Two new Wild Bison in Montana video documentaries

Montana's "Brucellosis Breeding" Wyoming Feedground
Brucellosis disease amplification threatening our state

Montana Sen. Jennifer Fielders Doublespeak
on Federal Public Lands

The Danger of H.R. 1526 to our Public Trust
with a presentation by Montana hunter, angler and public land advocate Art Canfield

Custer-Gallatin National Forests Working Group

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New Academic Paper &
Resource Postings
Promoting Open Source

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Ecological Simplification: Human Influences on Riverscape Complexity 2015

Gravel Bed Floodplains Are the Ecological Nexus of Glaciated Mountain Landscapes 2016

Reducing the Wildland Fire Threat to Homes: Where and how much? - Cohen

Age and sex identification from wings of Sage Grouse 2015

Livestock Management for Coexistence with Large Carnivores, Healthy Land and Productive Ranches

USFWS Endangered Species Act, Section 7 Handbook

Area burned in the western United States is unaffected by recent mountain pine beetle outbreaks

Management for Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak Suppression: Does Relevant Science Support Current Policy?

Headwaters Economics Presentation - Wunderlust, whats driving growth?

BLM Land Use Planning Handbook

BLM NEPA Handbook


Severe fire weather and intensive forest management increase fire severity in a multi-ownership landscape 2018

Climate change is advancing spring onset across the U.S. national park system 2016

Restoration of Riparian Areas Following the Removal of Cattle in the Northwestern Great Basin

GAO Report: Unauthorized Grazing 2016

FWP Strategic Plans, last updated 2008

Access Problem ID Form PDF with agency contact list on the back.

Are Wildlife Recreationists Conservationists? Linking Hunting, Birdwatching, and Pro-Environmental Behavior

Bighorn Sheep Pneumonia - Sorting out the cause. 2013

Supplemental feeding alters migration of a temperate ungulate

BLM H-2200 Land Exchange Handbook

BLM H-1741-1 Fencing Standards Handbook

The Wildfire Burden Report 2014

2013 MEPA Handbook

Cost Benefit Analysis of a Reduction in Elk Brucellosis Seroprevalence in the Southern Greater Yellowstone Area

Cost Benefit Analysis Power Point Presentation - Shumaker presentation at USAHA Fall 2013 Conference

Epizootic Pneumonia of Bighorn Sheep following Experimental Exposure to Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae 2014

Conservation Postcards - Here is your country

Ethical Hunting - Journey of Challenge

Videos - 150 Mile Mule Deer Migration



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