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Though the Brucella bacterium was isolated more than a century ago, science is still in its infancy in understanding how it operates in a host body. It is stealthy, hiding in the lymph nodes, replicating, spreading out to organs and joints, hiding again. Brucella exploits a hosts own immune cells, to transport the bacteria around the body, hijaking the normal functioning of the host cell, enabling it to survive, proliferate and produce the disease brucellosis.

In much the same way, APHIS and DOL have hijacked our democratic government and the funding for their own agenda - eradication of brucellosis in wildlife; using federal taxpayer dollars, our own legislators, even our own wildlife agencies, hunters and conservationists to achieve their goals. They replicate and spread, creating this massive brucellosis eradication industry and the industry's job security. On one hand, to the international community, they say the US is free of brucellosis and market our beef and domestic bison as such. To defend the 3 GYA states cattle industry to the other states, they use the responsible science and say their is no real problem, brucellosis from wildlife is "small", "rare". Yet, within the GYA, these same agencies use fearmongering statements, irresponsible "science", obfuscation to pursue their agenda. This begs the question, which is the real threatening disease? Brucellosis or the APHIS brucellosis industry?

Brucellosis Basics

Brucellosis Taxonomy Chart

Brucellosis Elk Transmission Chart

Understanding Brucellosis Seropositive / Seroprevalence

Bison Brucellosis Vaccination Science


APHIS Agenda

The USDA APHIS Brucellosis Eradication/Elimination Agenda - APHIS' objective includes the eradication of brucellosis in any wildlife sector as well, trying to force wildlife agencies to adopt or capitulate to brucellosis eradication plans. APHIS acknowledges the growing view from society that eradication of wildlife is not socially acceptable, so the game plan has been altered a wee bit, some of the terminology has changed and alternatives to mass slaughterings have been created to achieve the same objective - eradication of brucellosis from the US, including the wildlife.

Industry Brucellosis Eradication Policy


GYA Brucellosis Petition - NPS
Request for National Academy of Sciences
Review of Wildlife Brucellosis
in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Todd Wilkinson series on
Wildlife Diseases In Greater Yellowstone


Wyoming / Idaho Brucellosis

RE: Brucellosis Management In Wyoming
Letter to President Clinton, Sec. Glickman & Babbitt
and WY Gov. Geringer from Jackson Hole ranchers,
hunters and conservationists about brucellosis

Unintended Consequences of Bovine Brucellosis Management on Demand For Elk Hunting in Northwestern Wyoming

Historical Elk Migrations Around Jackson Hole, Wyoming

23 Wyoming Elk Feed Ground Map

Wyoming Brucellosis Coordination Team Report & Recommendations

The Laramie Agenda 2006 Origin of CABS

The Laramie Agenda Technical Report 2006 - Enhancing Brucellosis Vaccines, Vaccine Delivery, and Surveillance Diagnostics for Elk and Bison in the Greater Yellowstone Area

The Consortium for the Advancement of Brucellosis Science (CABS)







Montana Brucellosis

Repeal 81-2-120, MTDOL's Legal Control Over Wild Bison entering Montana

FWP's Elk Hunting Districts DSA Map

DOL DSA Geographic Map

Update: Jan 2015 -
EMWH Elk Brucellosis Lawsuit against FWP and Commission
Press Release

FWP Elk Brucellosis Management Surveys

May 22, 2014 - MT St. Senator Mike Phillips of Bozeman, files a Brucellosis Management Performance Audit Request

May 20, 2014 - Board of Livestock mtg, audio file, Elk DSA and Bison EA

Park Co. Elk "Working Group" - the Park Co. rancher driven watershed "work group" - 6-8 ft, miles of wildlife obstructing fences paid for with sportsmens dollars, extended kill dates to May 15th...

March 18, 2014 - Board of Livestock mtg, audio file, Bison EA, Feral Swine, Elk Brucellosis

Jan. - Feb. 2014 - APHIS / MT DOL IBMP Bison Hunting Tool

Jan. 14, 2014 - Remote Vaccination Program to Reduce the Prevalence of Brucellosis in Yellowstone Bison, FINAL Environmental Impact Statement

Jan. 13, 2014 - Board of Livestock Bison EA Vote and Other Brucellosis Business Meeting with Audio File
Dol's Dr. Marty Zaluski and Christian MacKay

Remote Vaccination Program to Reduce the Prevalence of Brucellosis in Yellowstone Bison, FINAL Environmental Impact Statement

Dec. 26, 2013 - Governor Bullocks Reply Email to DOL Bison Slaughter Objectives - Governor Bullock sent out a canned reply, which appears to advocate test and slaughter of our public trust elk and bison, in Montana. His letter was filled with inaccuracies, was not based on science management, but politics, so I replied again, line by line refuting his email.

Nov. 21, 2013 - IBMP Meeting, Seroprevalence Timeline Discussion - DoL Dr. Marty Zaluski and Christian MacKay, test and slaughter, vaccination of negative bison and APHIS agenda of getting control of elk - audio file, partial transcription and connecting data pdfs.

Sept. 10, 2013 - Montana Department of Livestock & Livestock Statements Concerning Brucellosis at the Texas Animal Health Commission - Sept. 10, 2013, audio files, pdf documents and transcripts of DOL Dr. Marty Zaluski's testimony.

Nov. 2012-Oct. 2013 - Elk Management In Areas With Brucellosis Debacle - this is what began all this research!

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