Wild Bison


Brucellosis research and events in Montana and the rest of the Greater Yellowstone Area

Scientists Letter in Support of Bison Restoration

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Silencing the Thunder
This film does address wild bison on public lands and does mention no documented case of wild bison to cattle. In mentioning elk as a transmission vector, no mention is made that not all, if any, transmission from elk to cattle in Montana has occurred.

Silencing the Thunder from Forest Clay Productions on Vimeo.

Dan Rather presents Range War (password danrather)
While this is predominately about the private bison ranch, the American Prairie Reserve, and Native American Tribes, which are sovereign nations, the documentary does interview local residents and their views and concerns about bison restoration. I like Schweitzers comments on the subject. This documentary does not address, except in a few passing statements, the restoration of wild bison to Montana public lands.

Dan Rather Presents Range War from Dan Rather Presents on Vimeo.


Bring Back the Bison

Bring Bison Back (National Wildlife Federation) from Conservation Media on Vimeo.


Buffalo Wild
A poem by poet, national recording artist, actor and activist John Trudell (Santee Sioux), put to music by Good Shield and Mignon Geli and video produced by Mike Mease of Buffalo Field Campaign. A videographic statement on the condition of wild bison.











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